Special Candle with Camphor and Ajwain


Special Candles made from Camphor and Ajwain Oil specifically made for candling treatment


Candle Treatment Sahaja Yoga is a Treatment method Guided by Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi for the clearance of Aagya Chakra. This special Candle with Camphor and Ajwain used for Candle Treatment Sahaja Yoga comes with original Bhimseni Kapoor and naturally extracted Ajwain oil that is best suitable for the treatment process. This also comes with a candle holder that helps us to avoid the hot wax while carrying out the treatment process.

Standard Candles

Don’t do this treatment if wearing loose clothes or near any combustible materials.  Take great care, since it is fire after all.

Light a candle in front of Shri Mataji’s photo.

Sit for meditation with the left hand upwards towards the photograph.

Use a burning candle in a candle-holder by moving it up and down on your left side with your right hand.

With a burning candle give bandhans clockwise to the affected chakras on the left side.  (Rotate the candle clockwise circles from the point of view of some looking at you – always down to the left).

You can do this for seven to twenty-one rotations until you feel the benefit.

You can use the mantras or affirmations of the left side for each chakra (energy center).

Left hand towards the photo, keep a burning candle in the front left hand, right hand pressed on Mother Earth, which sucks in all the negativity and stress.

Use a candle behind your left Swadhisthana Chakra while meditating.

Look through the candle flame at Shri Mataji’s photograph, first with the left eye, then with the right eye, then both eyes.  light element clears obstructions in Agnya Chakra (6th center)


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