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All these photo frames are unbreakable and made in original Sangwan (Tik) Wood and directly printed on toughened glass.

ये सभी फोटो फ्रेम अटूट हैं और मूल सांगवान (टिक) वुड में बनाए गए हैं और सीधे  कांच पर मुद्रित होते हैं।



Shri Mataji Photo directly printed on Non-Breakable Tuffin Glass frames in Original Natural Sagwan (Tik) Wood available in multiple sizes and more than 70 mesmerizing poses of Shri Mataji

This product has multiple variations to choose from.

You can select the required Shri Mataji Photo and the required size. Then add the quantity required from the scrolling selection box or input the required quantity of the selected photo. Once your selection is complete, please click the ‘Add to cart’ button. If you need another photo, you can repeat the above process by selecting another photo from the swatch.

We are also willing to provide our fellow Sahaj yogis and yoginis with poses other than the ones mentioned on our website. For such cases, you will have to provide us a high-resolution image of the required pose. If you have the high-resolution image of the pose, you can email us the image at or you can call us on +91-7389925002

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Puja Photos are the most supreme and hold a very high importance to all the Sahaj Yogis.

As Sahaj yogi ourselves, we take utmost care that no Sahaja Protocol is harmed while manufacturing of the same

Please Note – We don’t do any type of editing or changes in any of the photos. We have only put up the images that are available in the best quality. Anyone who claims the photos to be edited can directly contact us for clarifications.

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