Golden Pocket Purse


Golden Pocket Purse


Shri Mataji High Resolution Photos on Golden Pocket Purse that comes with various poses and Shri Charan Photos.

Buy the Sahaja Yoga Golden Pocket Purse from AP Creation which you keep with you at all times. The golden pocket purse comes with a divine photo of Her Holiness Shri Mata Nirmala Devi on one side and Shri Charan of Mataji on another.  The Purse comes in very handy while traveling.

We are also willing to provide our fellow Sahaj yogis and yoginis with poses other than those mentioned on our website for Shri Mataji High Resolution Photos. For such cases, you will have to provide us a high-resolution image of the required pose. If you have a high-resolution image, you can email us the image at Or you can call us on +91-7389925002.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Puja Photos are the most supreme and hold a very high importance to all the Sahaj Yogis.

As Sahaj yogi ourselves we take utmost care that no Sahaja Protocols are harmed while manufacturing these.

Please Note – We don’t do any editing or changes in any of the photos. We have only put up the images that are available in the best quality.

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