Ghee Kapoor 30 ml with Glass Bottle


Ghee Kapoor Treatment as suggested by Shri Mataji is used for Vishuddhi Chakra Cleaning. This Product comes in Glass Bottle along with a dropper which makes it very easy to use in winters


Sahaja yoga Vishuddhi chakra Treatment with Ghee Kapoor as suggested by Shri Mataji is used for Vishuddhi Chakra Cleaning.

Made with Original Cow ghee and Bhomseni (Desi) Kapoor.

This product is used by putting it in the nasal cavity in a laid back position. This special Ghee Kappor Glass Bottle will come with a dropper, which makes it very handy to use.

More details on the chakra and its treatments are mentioned below

Sahaja Yoga Vishuddhi Chakra Treatment –


Divine diplomacy, playful witness, omnipresence, collective consciousness, (Thyroid gland). and others

Causes of Catches:

Aggression, arrogance, lack of collectivity, lack of witness power and others


1.Use the mantra of Shri Radha Krishna.

2.Use Affirmation: “Mother, make me a detached witness”, “Shri Mataji, make me part and parcel of the whole”, “Shri Mataji, make me a discriminating and self-correcting person.”

3.Give vibrations to the Vishuddhi Chakra.

4.Put your index fingers in your ears, extend your neck backward, looking towards the sky, say Alla hu Akbar 16 times.

5.Develop quality of detachment and witness state.

6.Massage the Vishuddhi area with oil, ghee, or butter, and take butter in your throat.

7.Take saltwater gargle night and morning. Use tulsi tea, and burn camphor.

8.Ajwan dhuni to clear nasal passages, sinuses, and bronchi.

9.Press your chin to the chest bone, roll the tongue back, like swallowing it, do not touch the gum, and breathe relaxed and slowly in and out for 1 minute.

10.Breathe in with your nose, keep the breath for a while, and breathe out and keep a while. With every inbreathing, you should take a little less air, till you reach zero. Repeat 3 times.

11.Sip a little vibrated salt water through the nose.

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